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Collaborative Divorce – The Non-Attorney Professionals

The Neutral Mental Health Professional.

The role of the mental health professional is to assist with communication issues which arise and to help the parties develop a healthy co-parenting plan. The MHP keeps the process on track, works with the collaborative team to help resolve any issues and assists the couple in developing a working relationship post-divorce.

The Neutral Financial Professional.

Many neutral financial professionals are certified public accountants, although it is not a requirement. It is the financial professional’s responsibility to determine and present the family’s financial situation. The four main financial elements are income, expenses, assets and liabilities. Since the collaborative agreement specifies that the process will be transparent and all information will be shared, time, money and effort are saved by eliminating the need for document requests and motions to compel production.

From the documents provided, and through discussions with the parties, the financial professional prepares a financial affidavit which is a summary of income, expenses, assets and liabilities. It is from this summary of the family’s financial situation that the team can develop the best financial solutions for the family’s future.

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