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“Every dart shot at your ex goes through your child’s heart.”

Harriett Fox, CPA provides family litigation support to assist family lawyers in quantifying the financial aspects of divorce proceedings. As a female family litigation support CPA, and experienced forensic accountant, Harriett determines the value of the marital estate, and determines each party’s income for child support and spousal support, or alimony. In cases involving closely-held businesses, Harriett prepares business valuations for equitable distribution of assets, and determines personal income for support. There is often a question about the cost of the forensic accountant in divorce. Harriett works efficiently to maximize the benefit of her analyses, and the balance of an unused retainer is always refunded.

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Her family litigation services include:

  • collect financial documents
  • prepare financial affidavits
  • prepare mandatory disclosure
  • prepare document requests
  • calculate marital and non-marital assets and liabilities
  • calculate values for family businesses, pension plans, stock options
  • prepare schedules for equitable distribution of marital assets and liabilities
  • determine each party’s income
  • calculate alimony and child support
  • prepare questions for deposition and trial
  • testify in court as an expert

Harriett often works as a neutral forensic accountant in divorce proceedings, saving time and costs, and preserving the marital estate.

Harriett Fox, CPA is committed to providing litigation support services for family matters with the highest level of integrity and expertise.

Harriett offers litigation support services for divorce and other family matters, as well as commercial and civil matters.

To request an initial consultation with a divorce financial professional, contact Harriett at 305-495-2179 or by email at

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