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With expertise as a forensic
accountant, Harriett values the
marital estate…


Harriett Fox, CPA provides litigation
support services for family and civil
litigation cases…


With experience as a Fortune 500
executive, a CFO for several
family-owned businesses…

Why Should You Hire a
Forensic Accountant?

5 Reasons
to Choose

Harriett Fox, CPA

Practice Areas

  • We handle every case with the highest level of INTEGRITY. We help ensure that assets such as family businesses, pension plans, stock options, and company shares are properly valued and divided.
  • We have the EXPERIENCE to assist with divorces in litigation, mediation or collaboration.
  • We have the KNOWLEDGE to work with couples who are professionals, executives, business owners and high-net-worth individuals and their spouses.
  • We have the COMMUNICATION SKILLS that assure our clients that we will keep them and their attorneys informed as we complete our work.
  • We can work as NEUTRAL FINANCIAL PROFESSIONALS to save clients the cost of duplicating work and compounding fees.


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